Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Race

Well I've left a bit late (10 days) to post about it but here goes......
I actually got up in time - 05:20 drove to the station and caught all the right trains to arrive in Blackheath in plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere, use the toilets, have a cup of tea etc all before the crowds start building.
Londons a big marathon - some 35,000 runners start and the buzz all around was great.

Had a good chat with some blokes in the starting pen then started nice and slow, enjoying the carnival atmosphere for the first few miles.
The weather wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold with a nice gentle drizzle of rain - perfect for running, pretty crap for supporters though it didn't deter them, every inch of the route was lined with supporters.
My right calf was quite sore at the start but it didn't really worry me.
Settled into a 4hr 30min pace and was actually enjoying it.
At about 9 miles I could feel the burning sensation of a blister forming on my left big toe, unusual as I never get blistered and the shoes and socks were well tried and tested. Stopped at about 10 miles took of my shoe checked my sock could see the blister but couldn't find any cause - oh dear.

Enjoyed running over Tower bridge - I can't remember that bit from last year!
Crossed the half way at 2hrs 15mins - sweet.

About 15-16miles I could feel cramp starting to build up in my calves, which took the pain away from the blister at least.

It must have been around 20miles when I was exhausted, my thighs were sore, I was so hungry and I could only shuffle along. Classic symptoms of hitting the wall - so I've been told.

Several times over the last few miles I tried to regain my pace but I just couldn't.
I eventually finished in 4hrs 40mins.

The crowd noise from 19 miles onwards was deafening - no really it was quite over whelming - just a constant roar. I really can't imagine any marathon coming near to this level of support.

After crossing the line I felt fine, legs very tired but fine.
Walk to the train station and off home.
After a my tea and a soak in the bath my legs stiffened up and my hips, knees and ankle joints were sore.

Work on monday was tough and it wasn't until friday that I could walk in total comfort.

Admittedly most of my training had been geared towards my sub 2hr half marathon with the only really long training run being a solitary 18 miler and my weekly mileage rarely went over 20 miles, so to be honest my stamina was always going to be a problem.

But I've got the medal and a personnel best - so I'm well happy.

What challenge do I set myself now?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

London Marathon 2006

4hrs 40mins

Ran all the way non-stop. Well except 1 wee stop and 1 blister check on my left foot.

A pb.
A great day.
My legs ache more this year than they did last time, but its still a wonderful feeling to have completed it again.

Will post more later - when it hurts less.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mice and Men

Up until I finished the Reading Half Marathon I hadn't paid any thought to the London Marathon, but since then its been ever looming.

My right calf is still a bit sore - but hopefully it won't make much difference come tomorrow.

So my best laid plans are..........................

  1. Do nothing all day - a challenge in itself with 3 kids
  2. Have a long soak in the bath - this I can do
  3. Spaghetti bolognaise for tea - more spag than bog
  4. A few glasses of wine then early to bed - yeah right
  5. Up at 05:15, leave the house at 05:40 - snooze button?
  6. Drive to Staines and catch the 06:15 train to Waterloo - that damned snooze button!
  7. Get to Blackheath at about 08:00 - or later perhaps
  8. Run the Marathon - hopefully in under 5hrs
  9. Back home by 18:00 - running time, trains, ability to drive permitting
  10. Bath, food, beer, bed - these will all happen but unsure of timings, order or quantities
  11. Work on monday in Exeter - a 3hr drive away
  12. Tenpin bowling league match on monday night - will I be able?

I can quite easily pick 4 of these that are almost certainly not going to go to plan.

Anyway - I can do no more than just turn up and run.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Last little jog

Got home a bit early from work today, 3:30 or so, skiving shhh.

Dragged of to Sainsburys to do the weekly shop, got back about 6, a quick banana then my last jog pre marathon.

To be honest my right calf was a bit sore so I wasn't sure I should go.

Everything felt awkward but I'm sure that's just nerves and worrying about last second injuries and niggles.

2.7 m
27 mins
135 avg bpm
142 max bpm

I feel better for going now.
Just rest and take it easy waiting for Sunday.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

London Marathon Expo

Its a great place for buying running stuff thats for sure - thankfully I showed some constraint and just bought a few London Marathon souveniers.

You have to go, to pick up your running number in person.
The bad bit is that its a long day and I had to take a day off work as annual holiday - I get precious few of those as it is.

I bought a book - The London Marathon by John Bryant - which is a pretty good read so far.

Only a few days to go now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

BSB at Thruxton

Spent the whole day at Thruxton race track watching the British Super Bikes.
Great day, good racing with plenty of spills directly in front of where we were stood.
Ducati's ruled the day as usual but I'd have to admit that Lavilla is the best rider by far.
Shakey Byrne is my fav at the moment and from starting at the back gave good entertainment clawing his way through the field.

Good Stuff.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Asthma UK 10k

I've been on holiday in Dover - with absolutely no running.
I came back to do this run in Windsor on Saturday.
It was around Dorney Lake, which is the venue for the 2012 Olympic rowing events.

49 mins
170 avg bpm
191 max bpm

Worked really hard for the whole race.
All my km splits were within 10 seconds of each other except the last which I did faster.

Another personal best - by 3 mins.
Can't be bad.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reading Half PB

The Reading half is a big run - over 13,000 runners.

Advertised as a course ideal for personal bests, but if you start at the back (2hr time pen) with thousands of runners in front of you passing through some narrow streets around the town it could prove difficult.

After the first 2 miles I was 2 minutes down on my target time and still being held up.
Surely all those runners in the under 2hr time pens shouldn't be walking after 1 mile should they? - or next time should I just line up as far forward as I can?
I was really pissed off, dug in deep and was eventually back on schedule at the 6 mile marker. Steady running until 10 miles and then gave it all I had left for the last 3.
At the 12 mile marker I had 15 mins to spare and that's when I started to smile - a big, broad smile that wouldn't stop - all the way home.

1hr 55mins.

It seemed to go quickly with no real worries, other than not being able to run steadily for walkers in the first 2 miles.

Good crowd support and the finish in Reading football stadium has got to be the best.

Got the T-shirt

Reading Half marathon.

1hr 55mins,
160 avg bpm,
179 max bpm,

Fastest mile - the sixth in 7:47, playing catch up.
Slowest mile - the first one 9:59, narrowly beating the second 9:57.

I did it!
Under 2hrs.
Still have a self satisfied glow of achievement.
I'm really really happy.

Will post details a bit later.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Jog over the woods

Friday today and I haven't been running since Sunday.
Went for a quick run with the dog.

152 avg bpm
174 max bpm

Legs felt heavy and it was pretty hard work.
Reading half marathon on Sunday but my under 2hrs doesn't look likely if I'm this sluggish.
I'll run at my set pace for 5 or 6 miles then I'll decide wether its on or not, then I can go for it or ease of and enjoy the run, although I can't imagine Reading being that scenic.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Paula pulls out

So Paula Radcliffe has pulled out of this years London Marathon.
She obviously heard how well my training was going, last year she beat me by about 2 and a half hours, this year I was going to reduce that by a good 2 minutes or so.

I went bowling last night in a league match and I was woeful. My highest score was only 180, I'm not saying what my lowest was but needless to say we lost all three games for an 8-0 thrashing. My legs were tired and after bowling my thighs were quite sore.
Anyway the reason I mentioned it is that my partners Dad who gives him a lift and then watches, had an accident at work and severed his left thumb almost clean off. He's had a few days in hospital and he can't go back to work (no money) for at least 12 weeks.

Your whole world can be turned upside down very quickly and easily at any time.
Most of us take our relatively good health for granted, and often moan about small ailments.

Going to work today I was in a long tailback on the A303 just past Stonehenge, when I eventually got past the hold up all that was left was a completely trashed car and the remaining emergency services vehicles after the air ambulance had left. Probably somebody just driving to work like they do everyday - but not getting there.

We've got to appreciate everything we have everyday because you don't know what's going to change for the worse or when.

How depressing is that?

This Sunday is the Reading Half marathon and I'm going to do it in under 2hrs and next week I'm going to bowl 3 games over 180 (unless I'm on holiday, which I hope I will be)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Long Run

Yes I actually did one.

3hrs 8mins
133 avg bpm
181 max bpm

As slow as I could I set off for a 3hr run, distance not important just the 3hrs of running.

So down to Bagshot and back,
up the maultway to Deepcut,
down onto the Basingstoke canal,
along to and around Frimley Lodge Park,
over to Frimley park hospital,
up to the London road and along to the Jolly Farmer Roundabout,
then home.

I really enjoyed running a route I've never done before.

The weather was a pain, I set out in lovely sunshine which after a hour had a few April showers which were lovely and refreshing, later followed by torrential rain and cold winds.

Still none of it proved to be a problem, and I actually feel quite pleased myself - a few beers tonight that's for sure.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Faster woods run

Plan was to do 30 or 40 mins over the woods pretty quick pace taking in a lot of hills.

153 avg bpm
176 max bpm

Nice run, the dog loved it.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Night Lag

A bit like jet lag really, swapping between day shifts and night shifts.
Went for a jog over the woods with the dog and after about 20 or 30 mins I had nothing in my legs at all - I felt fine I just had no energy.

Plodded on at little more than walking pace for quite a nice run.

1hr 32mins
141 avg bpm
169 max bpm

All the kids finish school for easter tomorrow so hope fully we'll be able to get down to Dover - swimming, runs on the sea front - sounds good to me.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Logans Run 4 miler

This title should have been 'Long Run', as every marathon schedule you read has at least an 18miler at this stage before a marathon.
But hey - its mothers day, we always do this family fun run, I'm still tired after the half marathon.
There's three good excuses - well not that good but convincing enough for me to only do a quick four mile race and then head home to watch the British Super Bikes on TV.
BSBs first round today at Brands Hatch, I went to it last year with my brother and my eldest daughter - it was a really great day.

4 miles in 32 mins.

This week I'm on nights so training will probably be pretty much shelved I would imagine.
Only 4 weeks to the London Marathon!